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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Thousand Words

Via Moonbattery comes this picture from yesterday's "Death to Israel" rally in Salt Lake City:

"Ugly Women?" Talk about ill-informed. Even a little bit of research (or personal experience) might have led them to this:

And those are soldiers, for goodness sake.

At the same event was this guy, who appears to have shown up at the wrong rally, but is probably really popular at parties:

Maybe he's carrying an Israeli baby, implanted in his uterus via sneaky Zionist magic rays. That would explain a lot.

Comments on "A Thousand Words"


Blogger goyimslut22 said ... (7:51 PM) : 

It is obvious that the Center to Prevent Corporate Media Lying is run by highly intelligent patriots opposed to the stupification of the goyim.

The demo signs said google: "mighty wurlitzer" +cia

i googled and have learned that america is in peril. And that our media is a atrocity to the constitution of the u.s.


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