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Friday, August 10, 2007

No Comment

Let's assume, just for purposes of argument -- hypothetically speaking -- that you're an elderly Congressman of always limited intelligence, whose career has been based entirely upon fleecing the taxpayers of other districts in order to pay off your constituents to vote for you. Let's assume further that, in your declining years, you decide to cap your sleazy tenure in office by taking a stab at "relevance" by having a go at the latest Democrat slander du jour. Let's say you decide to grab some headlines by accusing some Marines of being murderers, and implying that your grim assessment is based on inside information, since you're an important Congressman and, besides, you were yourself once a jarhead, back before treason and being a part of the kleptocracy become more profitable for you.

What do you do when a thorough investigation of the facts reveals that there was no wrongdoing at all?

Well, if you're Jack Murtha, Porker King, then you have NO COMMENT. Can't be running off at the mouth when there's one of them-there "ongoing investigations," don't you know.

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