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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Did You Ever Wonder . . . . .

Something called "The Green Scene" reports:
A recent study showed that more than half of the food and beverage products that clearly have fruit pictured on their packaging contain little to no actual fruit in the ingredients list.

The study was conducted by the Prevention Institute, a Californian non-profit community health advocacy group. It found that in a survey of 37 heavily marketed foods with fruit on the packaging, 51 percent did not contain any fruit at all.

Another 16 percent contained minimal amounts of fruit 10 percent or less while the other 33 percent had an acceptable amount of fruit, but also high amounts of sugar.

Products like Juicy Fruit Gum and Froot Loops cereal both were found to have no fruit in them raise questions about product packaging that is misleading to consumers.
This got us thinking . . . . .

It was only a thought. Probably nothing to it. Never mind.


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