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Monday, February 12, 2007

Is This Your Car?

Everyone has a friend whose car is filled with trash: McDonald's wrappers, coffee cups, dead maps, dirty clothes, rags, tissues, Chinese food boxes, soda cans, empty cigarette packs, and so on and so on. But maybe not quite so trash filled as Ann Biglan's Ford Focus, pictured at right, after the crash.
Biglan told police several old coffee cups and pieces of trash fell onto the gas and brake pedal, which caused her to lose control while backing out of a parking space near the West Yarmouth Post Office.

Police said the trash that fell on the pedal caused the Focus to pick up speed, drive over a curb, across Route 28, hit a Ford Explorer and back over a sidewalk. Biglan's car finally came to a rest after crashing into a flowerpot in the parking lot of the West Yarmouth Mobil gas station.

No one was injured during the crash. Bigan is charged with impeded operation of a motor vehicle, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, failure to use care in backing, operating with a rejected safety inspection sticker
Story HERE. No word on Dunkin' Donut boxes.

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