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Thursday, October 07, 2010

News You Can Use

Our intrepid staff swims upstream in the cloaca maxima that is the internet, so you can spend your time checking out the boots at Nordstroms.

Study reveals it's possible to conceal a rifle in your pants. No, no, no; get out of the gutter. We mean a rifle rifle.

If Marilyn Monroe were alive; and if she were a midget; and if she wrestled for a living, this would be her.

ZomBcon 2010
: networking for aspiring survivors, or tasty-brain target-rich environment?

Career advice: on your first day as a preschool teacher, do not tweet "preschool Start 9.30am. Think I will rape 6-7 young girls."

If the referee is a woman, and you to attempt to give her a congratulatory pat on the shoulder, but miss, you'd better hope she's a good sport.

The Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog is out, this year featuring an edible gingerbread playhouse, six feet high, five feet wide, and four feet deep, yours for the low, low price of $9,000 (plus $25,000 shipping and handling). [But wait! If you call right now, we'll send you TWO edible gingerbread playhouses . . . .]

When is a lawnmower more fun than blowing shit up? When it goes 100 mph.

More career advice, herein for the Facebook Generation: If you're going to run for Congress, it would be wise to first check out what pictures you've posted on Facebook. (Warning: not pornographic, but definitely NSFW.)


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