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Monday, November 01, 2010

Emergency Supplies

Whether it comes via flood, hurricane, monetary collapse, or zombie apocalypse, we know that all G&S readers are prepared. They have gold for when the waters finally recede, they have silver for routine non-barter transactions, they have a water well with a hand pump, weapons, ammunition, canned provisions, salt, sugar, coffee, 50-pound sacks of rice, beans and flour. They have radios and flashlights, extra batteries, and a hand-cranked battery charger. They have their daily Missal just in case Father can't get around as often as he'd like. We know all that. You're ready.

But have you considered . . . bacon? Sure, theoretically you could have a couple of fully-smoked pork bellies, but good luck finding them down at the local pre-disaster Safeway.

Fear not! We have three words for you: Yoder's Canned Bacon. Yup. A half case (6 cans) will provide you with over three pounds of canned, fully cooked bacon. And, if you think ahead and exercise some discipline, after the first six months of anarchy we're predicting an exchange rate that will permit you to trade six cans for a third wife.


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